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Bmw Dme & Ews FAQ's

What is a DME?

DME (Digital Motor Electronics) is Your Engine Computer, Also known as ECU,ECM. It is responsible to Turn on your Engine.

What is a EWS?

EWS (Electronic Watch Dog System), Also known as Your Anti Theft Alarm System, This system would not allow the Engine to turn on without the right Key.

What Does the word E46, E39 etc. mean?

These words mean the Series of your Car, Example the word BMW E46 means 3 Series.
(Take a look at the pic below)

Where is My Dme or Ews Located?

Please scroll up at the Navigation bar and highlight BMW & EWS Locations then choose your BMW Series.

Where is my DME Program Number?

You can find your DME Program Number on the Front cover of your Engine Computer.
(Please See the pictures Below)


My Car Does Not Crank At All !!!

If your Car doesn't Crank then it means 2 things, To find out what the problem is you must first Try Another Key, If the other Key Cranked the Engine and Started the Car, then this is a Key Issue and the Key needs to be replaced.

If You Tried your Second Key and you Still you don't get a Engine Crank at all, Then this Means that your EWS needs to be replaced.

If you only have 1 Key then there is no way to find out unless you send the EWS and Key to us.

 I Want to Convert My BMW from Automatic Transmission into Manual Transmission.

Depending on the Year and Model All cars starting from the year 1997 Must have their DME (Engine Control Unit) Reprogrammed to Manual Transmission or The other way around depending on the conversion.

For example if you have a 540i E39 Model and want to install a Manual Transmission then you would have to send us your DME and we will program it without any problems.

Contact us if you need to make a conversion, We'll be able to help.

More Answers Coming Soon!!!!!