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Daily Driver Tunes - Rpm Motorsport

The hesitation and fear that comes with tuning your daily driver is very understandable. Starting with the legalities of emission laws to engine health and safety, all the way to the modifications required for optimum performance, we totally get it!

However, we also know that drivers are still looking for that extra push or boost of horsepower for their daily driver.

That is why Rpm Motorsport has developed a one of a kind Daily Drive Tune. A North-American Emissions Compliant Tune that requires absolutely no performance or hardware upgrades.

The Daily Driver Tune is a great option for unmodified or bone stock cars. It does not require any mandatory hardware upgrades. Just pure increase in power that is headache free.

Apart from the enhanced overall performance and power gains you will feel right after the tune, you will also notice better fuel economy and better throttle response. One of the major advantages of the Daily Driver Tune is the increase in power and torque delivery without compromising reliability and drivability.

The Daily Driver Tune is performed remotely, using our Xtreme Performance Tool which is sent to you via our overnight UPS services. Once the file of the vehicle is read and sent back to us as an email attachment, we then send the Daily Driver Tune within 1 to 2 business days.

The new file is then written to the vehicle via the Xtreme Performance Tool and voila! Your car now has that extra power and "umph" you have been looking for!

With our newly introduced free tuning add-ons, you now get more for what you paid for with the Daily Driver Tune. The tune comes with Preselected Add-Ons such as: 

 - RPM Limiter Increased: Typically raises your REV Limiter from +250 to +750 RPMs depending on what is best for the tuned map for your specific model. 

- Speed Limiter Increased: Allows Vehicle to exceed the Top Speed limit cut off. (Usually 160 mph) (RACE TRACK USE ONLY).

- Mild Burbles Added: Provides minimal burbles from the exhaust.

- Torque Limitation Enhanced: Allows the ECU / DME to deactivate basic torque controls produced by the engine. 

- Sport Display Calibrated: Allows your center display to show the correct horsepower and torque after the tune (for applicable models).

We do offer other Add-ons for this tune as well which can be selected while adding the product to your cart or requested when contacting our Xtreme Performance support team via email or phone.

Models currently supported are:

If you are looking for a Daily Driver Tune for your vehicle but you don't see it in the supported models, please email our Sales & Support Team at

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