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MINI Cooper S R53 W11 2000 to 2006 Rpm Motorsport Xtreme Tune

MINI Cooper S R53 W11 2000 to 2006 Rpm Motorsport Xtreme Tune

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Tuning Specs


168 HP 216 HP (+48HP)

Aluminum Intercooler (60MM Core).

15%, 17% or 19% reduction of the supercharger pulley size, making the same supercharger spin faster.

Upgraded Air intake system and Air filter.

Upgraded Injectors (380cc/min instead of your original 330cc/min).

91 Octane Minimum (94/95 recommended).

Upgraded NGK BKR 7 EQUP Spark plugs.

RPM LIMIT Increased by default to 7150rpm and to 7500 rpm based on the option selected.

Upgraded Rear exhausts


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Product Information

This is a MINI Cooper S R53 (W11 Engine) Xtreme Performance Tune. 

Remote Tuning

With Remote Tuning, we will send you our Xtreme remote tool that reads & writes your tune via OBD2. 


Tuning Specs

  • Xtreme Performance Tune power increase of +48 HP and +48 NM of torque. 

Models Supported

  • MINI COOPER (R53) W11 Engine From 09/2000 To 11/2006 DME Siemens

ECU Support

7512001 - 7520020 - 7512798 - 7513980 - 7512799 - 7513980 - 7513981 - 7513982 - 7513983 - 7513984 - 7514587 - 7520019 - 7520020 - 7527610 - 7530084 - 7539808 - 7530084 - 7542310 - 7552690 - 7557395 .

Customer Reviews

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Sengvilay I. (Boise, US)
MIni Cooper R53 back to life

id like to say theat RPM MOTORSPORT LTD, did what they said they would and beyond. i had a mini i bought that i thought had to keep the open linked ECU. the car was not runnig right so i wanted to take it back to factory and go From there. Lee was great, his team was also great answering all the question i had even if was something simple. i have been working one the car for months and still it is not up. i have few more things to do for it to run correctly, but i hope that once it is there it will be fun daily. thank you guys for the support that you offer and making it so easy.