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BMW (3 Series) E46 (IKE) Instrument Cluster Mileage programming

$399.00 USD

Product Information

This is a BMW E46 (3 Series) IKE Instrument cluster programming service. This Service is very useful if you have a USED Instrument Cluster (IKE) and need to program it into your Car rather than spending a fortune at your Local BMW Dealer Ship.

When you install a USED IKE you will have the following problems.

1. Tamper Dot (Due to Wrong Vin number)

2. Wrong Mileage.

3. Wrong Programming. (Used clusters might come from different BMW's, Example a Manual car and yours is a Automatic etc.)

4. Wrong Coding (Same issue as No. 3)

We can solve all those issues by You sending a USED Instrument Cluster, Even if it comes from a different Model than yours. As long as it still falls into its category . (3 Series E46)

For example if you have a E46 330Ci (Convertible) and Manual transmission. You can still get a cluster from a E46 325i (Sedan) because it still falls into the category E46 and so on.

Parts to be Shipped

If you have both the USED Cluster available.

  • Original Instrument Cluster.
  • USED Instrument Cluster.

If you do not have the original instrument cluster available.

  • USED Instrument Cluster.
  • Original EWS.
  • Original Key.

Models Supported

  • All BMW E46's (3 Series) Years 1999 to 2006

Customer Reviews

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My IKE works great.

Hi There; my names Johnathon from England, I would like to say thanks for your repair service it's been a pleasure doing business with you, my IKE works great.