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BMW E36 M3 MS41.2 R.M.S Tuning Software Programming

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For Years RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. has been tuning ECU's for customers worldwide, however those customers were companies rather than individuals. RPM would discover the technology and partner up with companies to help make the Maps etc.

in 2016 RPM's Management decided Not to renew their non-compete agreements and continue to Tune DME's to Individual Customers, Independent Shops and Tuning Companies.


Tune specifications

      • +20Hp +20Nm depending on engine modifications such as exhaust, cams, headers, cold air intake etc.
      • M50B25 intake manifold is accepted in this tune.
      • Performance camshafts 270 degrees or higher are accepted in this tune.
      • M50B25 throttle body is accepted in this tune.

      ECU free of charge Options

      • RPM rev limit 7100 (only for manual transmission).
      • EWS is removed.
      • Speed limit is removed.
      • Exhaust POPS/BANGS.
      • Front O2 sensor disabled.
      • Rear O2 sensor disabled.
      • Secondary Air Pump disabled.


      Models supported

      • BMW 3 Series E36 M3 Sedan (Years 1/1996 To 06/1998) S52 Engine.
      • BMW 3 Series E36 M3 Coupe (Years 01/1996 To 05/1999) S52 Engine.
      • BMW 3 Series E36 M3 Convertible (Years 10/1997 To 08/1999) S52 Engine.
      • BMW Z3 E36, Z3 M, Coupe (Years 10/1997 to 07/2000) S52 Engine.
      • BMW Z3 E36, Z3 M, Roadster (Years 10/1997 to 07/2000) S52 Engine.



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