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BMW (5 Series) F07 F10 F11 F18 F-Series 2 Smart Remote Key Set (2009 to 2017)


This is a BMW 5 Series F07, F10, F11 or F18 Remote Key Set (2 smart keys) Years 2009 to 2017. Those Keys will be programmed to your car. You MUST however send us your CAS4 (Car Access System) in order for us to program your Keys.

    Models supported

    BMW F07 & F07 LCI (5 Series) Sedan Years 09/2008 to 02/2017

    • 5' F07 GT, 535i, Gran Turismo, N55 Engine
    • 5' F07 GT, 535iX, Gran Turismo, N55 Engine

    BMW F10 LCI (5 Series) Sedan Years 06/2010 to 10/2016

    • 5' F10 LCI, 528i, Sedan, N20 Engine
    • 5' F10 LCI, 528iX, Sedan, N20 Engine
    • 5' F10 LCI, 535i, Sedan, N55 Engine
    • 5' F10 LCI, 535iX, Sedan, N55 Engine
    • 5' F10, M5, Sedan, S63N Engine

    Parts to be Shipped

    Key Selection

    CAS 4 Removal Instructions