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Welcome to Rpm Motorsport

We are a Software Solutions company specializing in ECU programming and high-performance tuning for European vehicles such as BMW, MINI Cooper, Mercedes Benz, VW Group, and other European Models. Swipe or click on the right arrow to get to know us better.

Used DME / ECU Programming

If you purchased a used DME (ECU) and your local dealer told you that it cannot be programmed to work in your vehicle, then you have come to the right place. Rpm Motorsport can make any used DME / ECU work with your original keys.

Remanufactured Units

We can provide you with a replacement remanufactured DME / ECU for your BMW or MINI that comes with a 1-year warranty and will be programmed to work with your original keys. Rpm Motorsport stocks a wide variety of ECUs to make sure we can serve our customers even when those ECUs are not available from your local dealer.
Remanufactured DME's / ECU's

Petrol & Diesel Tuning

We offer Daily Driver Tunes for unmodified or bone stock cars, Daily Driver Tune Plus for that extra push with some modifications and our Xtreme Performance Tune for maximum power with enhanced performance upgrades. Switch between all three with our Tuning Bundles Services.
Tuning Services

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This is the best way to find what you are looking for. Narrow down our list of over 200 products by selecting your model to see what products we offer for your specific vehicle. Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit about us, we encourage you to scroll down and browse on our home page to learn more about what we love to do!
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Better Business Bureau® A+ Rating since 2012


The Daily Driver Tune is a great option for unmodified cars. It requires no mandatory hardware upgrades. Apart from the enhanced overall performance and power gains you will feel right after the tune, you will also notice better fuel economy and better throttle response. One of the advantages of the Daily Driver Tune is the increase in power and torque delivery without compromising reliability.

The Daily Driver Tune Plus+ is for drivers who want to take it to the next level without compromising reliability and engine safety. With a few simple bolt on parts that can be replaced in the comfort of your own garage, this tune will transform your car into a high performance machine for your daily commute. Cold air intake and rear sports exhaust are highly recommended for optimum performance.

The Xtreme Performance Tune is ideal for people who are seeking the maximum power out of their vehicles. To ensure optimal power increase and maximum reliability, RPM Motorsport optimizes the Xtreme Performance Tune map according to your hardware upgrades. which includes but not limited to: Full Exhaust System, Larger Intercooler, Turbo Modifications, Larger Turbos and Downpipes.

Programming & Repair Services


Save over 65% of the cost of the dealership when replacing your ECU/DME. The Used ECU/DME Programming Service resolves VIN and vehicle mismatch. Once you buy a used DME with the same part number as the original from a reputable source, we can then program it to work in your vehicle with the correct VIN number.


Replace your original transmission control unit by sending us a used one and leave the rest to us. Our Used EGS / Mechatronics Programming Service resolves VIN and vehicle mismatch. The mechatronic unit is removed from the valve body and sent to us along with the other required parts from your vehicle.


No crank no start issues? We have got you covered! Our CAS Module repair service fixes these issues, including if your CAS is bricked due to ISTA-P or any BMW diagnostic programming. We can also program a Used CAS to work in your vehicle with your original keys or provide you with a re-manufactured CAS module.


Plug and play and drive away! Purchase one of our remanufactured ECUs / DMEs and we will program it with your VIN number and align with your CAS / EWS & your keys or send it as factory default whenever applicable. Rest assured, all of our remanufactured units come with a one (1) year warranty.


A dedicated team that spent over 20 years in the development of automotive software technology. In 2009, the team decided to go independent and built their own company.

Rpm Motorsport is a fast-growing company that resolves over 3000 cases a year, and is located in two different locations in North America.

With extensive motorsport and racing experience throughout the years, we have helped racing teams and enthusiasts around the world reach their goals.


We are a cross-functional team of software developers who are collectively responsible for creating solutions.

The research and development acquired from years in the motorsport industry, has helped us expand our knowledge in performance tuning. We are well known for maximizing engine performance without compromising engine safety and reliability.

Our Research and Development team has helped us become one of the first companies in the world to work on the F and new G Series.


Our Xtreme Performance Team has developed a reading and writing OBDII programming device that is sent to you free of charge with every purchased tune.

We have 3 types of tunes to suit all kinds of drivers - Daily Driver Tune, Daily Driver Tune Plus + and Xtreme Performance Tune. All of our tunes are race track and dyno tested.

Customer Reviews

Stage 1 Tune and Error Code Fix

These guys are awesome. Replaced my bricked ECU, provided a stage 1 tune, primary cats delete and cold start delete for my 2011 E92 M3 Coupe. Had some issues on my end with my ECU and the guys guided me through to fix the issue. These are my Go To Guys for now on. Highly recommended.

Hakeem A.R.

1st Timer

RPM MOTORSPORT has been excellent in finding the right tune for my drive style while staying within safe boundaries for my car. They are super helpful in even just discussing in depth which tune or products suits your needs best. I’d HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a tune that comes made with love and backed by over 10 years of experience!

Noah B.

Saved my 2006 Mini cooper S

I was so happy I found RPM MotorSport! they did exactly what they said they would do. I shipped my ECU to them on Monday they got it by Tuesday they reprogrammed it on Wednesday and sent it back by Thursday A perfect experience and you saved my car that was failing to start after having the engine immobilizer replaced it lost sync and had to be towed

George G.

M54 X5 DME Stage 1 Upgrade with IMM Delete

Best customer service I have ever experienced. Issues well diagnosed and all problems resolved. 100% positive for RPM. The stage 1 tune made the X5 run like it always should have super smooth and crisp throttle response. Will always come to RPM for DME service....... You should too... AAA+++

Stephen D.

Mini Cooper DME Unlock Service

I used this service so I could avoid the outrageous cost to replace a single key at my mini dealership, and it works perfectly!! The dealership wanted over $400 to replace and program 1 key to my 2006 Cooper S. For almost 50% less I do not have to use the mini stealership for this again. Just buy any random Mini Key, have it cut and it starts the car (the buttons for lock/unlock can be done easily on your own via YouTube video, etc). Also, the service and turnaround was super fast!!

Thanks RPM Motorsports

Jason L.

DME Cloning Service Model F30 And N20 Engine

They are a very professional, responsible company, good communication and super fast shipping I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff, a good person, he answered all my questions and my doubts he helped me throughout the purchase and shipping process when I got the DME to me At home, the first thing I did was install it and everything was a success, my bmw started for the first time after more than 6 months without being able to access it. Truly I recommend RPM Motorsport without thinking twice about it, they already have me as a customer for any other problem they may have in the future. thank you with all my heart for the help A+++

Danael R.

First time is the charm!

First time user, and after talking on the phone with one of the guys, he made feel good about the company, so I purchase a Reman DME. I was shocked when the unit showed in my shop the very next day! I said damn is fast, hand it to my tech, he came with a big smile, I smiled, the advisor smiled, but the customer... well he screamed!!I'm really excited I found you guys, you got my business going forward.

THANK all your staff you guys rock.



Victor V.

Best Customer Support

I had the best experience communicating with RPM MOTORSPORT. They were friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. They answered the plethora of questions I had for them, and in the end their services were phenomenal. I sent a used DME for a Mini Cooper and they were able to transfer the data over from my original failed DME without a problem. The part arrived and I was able to start the car and drive it. No need to do anything except install it. I would use their services over and over in a heart beat, but I sold my Mini and no longer want to own again in the future. Thank you RPM Motorsport for saving me over $2,000 USD.

Luis G.

Excellent service, problems solved

My '04 Z4 went into limp mode with no warning. Would not accept any throttle, erratic idle and stalling with no restart for several minutes. Limped 2 miles home, pulled codes and cleared them several times times with no improvement. Codes I had at various times: 28B2, 2830,27A1, 2796, 5E19, 2869. Read about RPM on Bimmerfest. Called them before committing. Sent my DME, immobilzer and key out on a Thursday and got them back the following Tuesday. Had to clear codes once I reinstalled them, but car has run flawlessly since. Total of 40 miles so far in 4 separate drives. Happy, Happy, Happy.

Delmar R.

From no start...To starts everytime!!

Bought a BMW 750LI from auction with no keys..had dealership order key..came back and car did not recognize key..wasnt sure what was goong on. Finally did forum search and found RPM...Jeff helped me read the codes from the scanner and directed me on what he needed..pulled my cas module, dme, and sent keys in. RPM ordered me a set of keys ,programmed it to the cas module and dme. And as soon as i installed everything back in. ..The BMW started on first try..

Jeff and RPM staff definitely saved me and my risky auction buy of a BMW...will definitely do business with them again..

Thanks Jeff

Gerald B.

Good servive, good customer care

We all know the expense of car care, we all know that 'the green ones' are only 'green' until it hits their wallet or comfort. Having a viable alternative to repairs that would cost $4k/5k or more is a good suggestion for customers who get totally blind sided by a major expense. Service was excellent, call-backs and email updates happened as needed. It took a little longer for completion than anticipated but that might just be because of our current health-scare. I will definitely deal with this company again because it was a very positive experience

Andreas S.

Superb Customer and Technical support

I am a long time BMW owner, restorer, driver, with my 74 2002( owned for 40 years),88 M5, 91 M5, 325i cabrio and a 540i in the garage.

I purchased a 97 Z3 1.9 that had sat for more than a year and was not running, presumably due to an EWS2/DME communication issue. It had original EWS2 module and a previously replaced DME that had been remanned by another company. Previous owner had operated the car with this combo for a few years without issues but it was now not even cranking. PO had removed and replaced the DME (same DME) and feared an alignment issue between EWS2 and DME had arisen.I was lucky enough to find the RPM diagnostic write up on my car's symptoms and was thrilled to attain engine cranking by following their recommended process. Their diagnostic info was clearly written by a technical writer, or at least one who understands the process. It stands out among all the internet "fluff" coming from those that profess to understand but don't.

The above was merely the first stroke of good luck for my day, the second came after I called RPM and was connected to Zach.

Companies are in business to make money, however Zach certainly went above and beyond in helping sort through my issue. With Zach's help I was able to attain fire with issues resolved!

No money passed hands yesterday but the goodwill shown was enormous. In the future, any computer/module needs will be directed to RPM. Never forget that loyalty for good service is important!

Thanks again.

Rick O.



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