Bmw Remote Programming Procedure without any diagnostic tools.

How to Reinitialize Your BMW Remote Key 

There are 2 types of Remote Keys, choose the one that fits your Car.


Terminal R = 1st Position where you can listen to your Radio.

Terminal 15 = 2nd position where you can see the Oil and Battery light in the Instrument Cluster.

Position 0 = When your car is completely off, you see nothing on the dashboard and you cannot turn your radio on.  


Initialization procedure

  • Unlock vehicle via Manual locking from the driver's door.
  • Briefly switch on terminal R (1st Position) in vehicle (maximum 5 seconds) and switch off again.
  • Open Driver Door and Close it Again => The system is now ready to be initialized.
  • Press and hold "unlock" (No.2) button on the Remote Key.
  • Point Key Remote in the direction of the rear window antenna , with the "unlock" button still pressed, press "lock" (No.1) button three times within 10 seconds, Now you have to Release the Unlock Button.
  • If you have any additional Remote Keys you must do the same steps , but this time with out Turning on the ignition or opening and closing the door, just after you hear the Central locking Click, then within 30 Seconds Sync the other Keys buy pressing Unlock button and 3 times Lock button the release the Unlock

Button Assignments


The three buttons on the key transmitter trigger, depending on how long they are pressed, various actions in the vehicle.

  • Button 1 "Lock"
    Pressed briefly: Lock and arrest central locking and arm DWA.
    Button pressed and held: Window and sunroof convenient closing function (codeable!)
    Pressed briefly with vehicle locked: Switch on interior lights
    Press briefly twice within 10 seconds with vehicle unlocked: Lock and arrest vehicle, arm DWA and switch off tilt alarm sensor and radio remote interior protection function (function for tilt-ramp garages and vehicle transport).
  • Button 2 "Unlock) (button with arrow symbol)
    Pressed briefly: Release central locking and disarm DWA
    Button pressed and held: Window and sunroof convenient opening function (codeable!)
  • Button 3 "Tailgate" (button with vehicle symbol)
    Pressed briefly: Open trunk lid
    Button pressed and held: Trigger DWA alarm (panic mode) (function codeable).