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E39 540i EWS re-alignment

This group is amazing. They lived up to and even surpassed their positive feedback.

A weak battery tripped my EWS/immobilizer.
I thought the car was done.
After a tremendous search this group popped up and something felt right from the first online chat to a phone call with Zach a level 2 Tech.

Super fast turn around.

The Bimer fires back up with the first turn of the key and is purring once again.

Already recommended to friends.

Thanks guys; keep up the good work.

Hi Pete, thanks for your awesome words man! We're flattered! Reviews like this is what keeps us going! I will make sure Zach knows ;) We're happy to hear that your baby is back on the road... Have a great day!

BMW E60 (5 Series) MSV70 Re-manufactured ECU 02/2005 to 02/2007

DME Programming

They programmed as promised and works wonderfully, Happy customer again!

Great Service

This is the fourth time working with these guys and they are the best in the business. No need to try anyone else because these guys know how to get done right the first time. Very glad to have found them. Thanks RPM

Hello Kenny, we are flattered and honored! Thank you for putting your full trust in us. We will continue to do what it takes to meet your expectations. You made our day. Thank you! Zach
Mini dme unlocked

Excellent service, these guys know what they're doing

2011 BMW X5 CAS Module Repair

Thank you, efficient service confirmed the trouble code with Jeff over the phone and after four days turnaround, I had my repaired CAS module back in the vehicle and the car up and running. he trouble code was A0C1. Thank you very much of being excellent alternate service for the OEM.

Hello Esa, we are glad we were able to get your car back on the road on time! Looking forward to hearing from you again :)

BMW / MINI CAS2 CAS3 Module ELV (Electrical Steering Lock) Unlocking

Great service!

Great service!! Honest communication!

Amazing service

My experience with RPM was amazing. The team there knew exactly what my problem was and promise that they had the expertise to remedy it. They reprogrammed mu DME and CAS as well as a set of new keys. I installed and the car was back on the road. Thank you RPM

Hi Peter, we are happy that we met your expectations! Thank you for putting your trust in us :)

Very happy with rebuilt ECU. It plugged in and off she went. Thanks good product, good service. Would you be able to service a bosch ECU from a '81 Alfa GTV6. "L" jettronic.? Thanks Steve.

N20,N26 pcm

Great service. PCM work perfectly first time

Great service.

Great Service. Prompt and pro!!

X3 DME checksum failure

This was the 2nd time the DME failed after my purchase from RPM. It was fixed at 50% discount and turned around quickly once the repair cost was approved by management.
Hopefully this time the DME will not fail again.
Thank you for the discount and resolution.

Hi Henry, I took a closer look into this, seems your first DME purchase was in 2012. The DME got another checksum error in 2015, even though it was out of warranty, looks like RPM covered it free of charge for you. Following September 2019, we asked you to pay 50% of the labor cost, I just want to inform you the following reasons why this DME might fail again. 1. Based on BMW, this DME cannot in under any circumstances be in an environment below 30 degrees. in your case its below 40 degrees in the winter where you live. 2. If you don't find a way to maybe cover this ECU with a certain type of plastic bag that can at least protect it from going below 10 degrees then this will happen again. I hope this helps you and the community onto why MS45 DME's fail in general, its either too cold or too hot. The hot problem is always solved by the E-Fan inside the DME box. Zach Level 2 support

Great turn around and customer service !

Z4 DME Revival Service

Outstanding service and customer support.
Best proactive communication I've ever experienced.
The service was exactly as advertised, my car is up and running again.


Hello Ian, we are happy that we met your expectations and got your car back on the road on time! We’re looking forward to anything that you might need from us in the near future!
Awesome customer service and speedy turn around!

Thank you so much Jeff for all your help and suggestions. Top class customer service and follow up. My mini is back on the road! Highly recommend you give these guys a call before giving up on your Mini and paying outrageous dealer prices!!!!

Thank you Vince! We really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad we were able to help you out! Jeff
The best service I could have asked for.

I did my best to do everything I could to solve my issue with my no crank issue. I narrowed it down to my key or ews module. I followed their very helpful step-by-step guide to determine my issue. I purchased this package and sent what needed to be sent and within a matter of a couple of days I had my parts back. I plugged everything in and boom it fired right up. I talked to their customer service to help me with determining my issue and they were more than helpful and even gave me a follow up call to make sure everything went smoothly. 10 out 10 would recommend. They are knowledgeable and I will be coming back.

Outstanding Service

Purchased a remanufactured ecu to clone my faulty one. Shipped my ecu Tuesday evening and received both mine and the cloned remanufactured ecu that Friday by 3pm. Super fast quality service. ECU works perfectly and I couldn't be happier. Thanks RPM Motorsports for showing me what quality service could be.

BMW E90 E92 (3 Series) MSD80 Re-Manufactured ECU DME 08/2006 to 08/2008

Fast Service DME was fixed and back in 2 days worked great!!!

Just perfect!

Everything went so smoothly. Jeff at RPM was the best. Above and beyond. My car runs great. Everything was smooth and seamless. Had everything sent to them and sent back to me within a week. Do not know what more to say, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

The best service ever

If you need this company service, just go ahead. They solved my CAS problem.

S62 ecu

Perfect drop in replacement. Thanks for all your help guys!