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Welcome to RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. All Prices are in USD, We support 5 major currencies, Just click on the USD button to change it.
Welcome to RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. All Prices are in USD, We support 5 major currencies, Just click on the left Hamburger Icon to change it.

Customer Reviews

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Yes! they can program a used ECU

I had originally contacted some guys on the east coast (florida i think)
and was told that there is NO WAY to program a used ECU. It would have to
be new or the same unit that was in the car before. That didnt make much
sense because the one that was in the car broke...thats why i needed a
different one. And since i had already purchased a used one, this guys
answer didnt work for me.
So i looked a little deeper...and found RPM Motorsports! These guys said
that it would be no problem! And while east coast bragged about a 3 day
turn around time, RPM got it done overnight and had it back to me the next
In other words, while east coast was talking out their asses, RPM was
getting it done!
They followed up with support if i needed it, but i didnt. The
re-programmed ECU works great!!!
It was a little bit more cost wise, but whats it worth to have it done
right the first time?

"If you dont have enough time to do it right the first time, where are you
gonna find time to do it again?"

RPM Motorsports is a great group. They know their shit! Any questions?

What a great story you shared here Marc. Love the honesty in your review, i must admit you got our attention :) Thanks again! Mike

Hi sorry I haven’t reply but we still have some issues with it,we still have misfiring codes on cylinder one but we’ll let you know soon how things are going,thanks Juan Monge

Hello Juan, Thanks for your feedback, no worries our support team is ready to help you with any issues you are encountering. Sam
great quick service

excellent service. Wondering if you have a wholesale service next time. Thanks Jeff-

Great service and fast shipping

The first time I’ve ever used or RPM, We inherited a problem with an older five series BMW that had a control unit it was sent out and programmed by another repair company. They quickly discovered that the numbers that were stored inside the control unit did not belong to this car and head actually programmed it for the incorrect model it was affecting drivability. We were so impressed with them that we continue to do business with them today.

Thanks Chad, This means a lot here at RPM! Stan

Unfortunately still having timing problems but I appreciate all your help and support. great job. I will recommend this site to any minimamiack. m

Hello Mike, Please open a support ticket at We would love to help you out even if it wasn't a DME/ECU related issue, we still can find out why you have timing issues. Thanks! Stan
mSS54 ecu

provided blank ecu for customer vehicle. works perfect out of the box

Great service

The service and turn around are good, Price was a bit on the high side!

Reprogramming of ECU

Great people. Great Service. Quick turnaround.
Put over 600 miles on my Cooper S JCW in last week and it runs awesome.
Thanks for a job well done.

Good product rather tedious ordering process

Was almost ready to try elsewhere due to irritating ordering process with answering services and US dollar pricing even for Canadian to Canadian transactions.
Once the order was committed to it was smooth sailing. Printed out the shipping label and stuck it to the box. ECU was returned in a few days and it worked perfectly.
I would use them again.
My suggestion is to operate as proffesionaly as the website looks.
Overall satisfied with the experience.

Hello Ryan, we truly appreciate your review. We are always keen to get things just right. I do somewhat agree with you on some points, like the answering service. Our answering service is activated and diverts calls when calling outside of business hours. It is also activated when our call capacity is reached, which is about 8 calls at a time, managed by a team who are specifically trained to fully answer the call. In regards to the currency, we support 4 major currencies, our primary currency is USD, which can be easily adjusted according to your needs. I have looked closer into this and realized that there was a delay in the response of the PST number issue. Our staff members are not authorized to deal with this kind of accounting. This is why they gave you a 7% discount to try their best to exempt you. I went ahead and exempted you from any PST tax in the future with your PST number attached to your account. Please accept our apologies and we will make sure this works a lot faster on your next order. Please accept the account invitation so when you log on in the future, the exemption will be automatically applied. Regards, Seth
excellent Service

Thank you Mr. J*** for all your Help when i forget to ship my Defective EWS and Keys,
You sent me a refurbished EWS and 2 Key Chips for my Existing keys and my Car started right up.

This is Lubo the owner of Lubo’s Bavarian Motors.

Thank you for great service. When we need another control unit we will let you know.

MINI Cooper R50 Computer Flash

RPM programmed a used computer for my MINI and all works well! The best part of their service is their speed. The overnight shipping both ways is lightning fast and they only had the computer in their shop long enough to program it! Thanks!

Hello Chris, We really appreciate you pointing out our turn around time, I must admit since 2009 we have always tried our best to prefect the turn around time, to hear it from you just put a big smile in our Shipping Department. Thank You! Brian - Shipping Manager.

BMW UNLOCKING DME Programming Service E34 Z3 E36 E38 E39 - No EWS 2 Required!

BMW MSD80 Injector misfire DME / ECU Repair E82 / E88 / E90 / E92 / E60 / Z4


So far do good, I put it in the car and it started right up. Thank you

Great work, over and over again.

I work at a German car repair shop and we run into a lot of bad modules. After trying a few different companies, we now exclusively use RPM Motorsport for our BMW modules. They have helped several times on these BMW CAS revival/repair. Service is fast, communication is great, and they do a great job. Highly recommended.

Hello Ryan, Thank you for your review, you won our hearts when you said 'we now exclusively use RPM Motorsport for our BMW modules.' That meant the world to us. Cheers Zach

Very impressed with follow up call. Thank you

No start /throttle adaption issues

Had replaced throttle body, wiring harness, and relays that did not resolve issue. Noticed I had several of the codes mentioned in (DME checksum error) on RPM website. Sent for repair and is running perfectly now. Thanks, RPM also turn around time and shipping is very fast.

reman mni cooper dme

ordered reman dme, sent cas and key to program dme to. quick turnaround and got key,cas module, and reman dme back in just a few days. engine started but had no throttle. called Lee @ rpm and he sent sent me instructions to try to fix throttle problem, but wouldn't cure problem. called Lee again and had me to send cas module, ign key, and dme back to them. it cost me the $60 for the shipping label to return it, but I got everything back in just a few days and it fired right up and ran fine. very knowledgeable sales and tech staff, eager to help get this mini cooper going again. I wasn't too thrilled about being out the shipping label at $60 to return the faulty dme, but it still saved a bundle over what bmw wanted just for the dme, then then even more to program it. this was all caused by a faulty ground wire on top engine. great people to deal with, and very helpful. highly recommend rpm motosport for mini cooper dme's

Hello Ricky, thanks for your honest feedback, I must say without customers feedback's we wouldn't be where we are today. Having said that, I agree with you. There was no need for our team to charge you a shipping cost for a faulty DME that arrived within your 30 day exchange. I have sent the request to management and asked them to take a closer look into our shipping policy especially the 30 days exchange one. I am glad the 2nd DME worked! I went ahead a refunded you the $60 shipping charge as this is the right thing to do. Thanks again for your honest review. Sam


Dme repair

Excellent to work with and very fast service.