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Mini Cooper R55 - R56 - R58 - R60 (2007 to 2013) CAS Removal instructions

Mini Cooper R56 - R58 - R60 Years 2007 to 2013 CAS Module Location 


RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. shares no responsibility of any damages that are applied on removing or installing any components in your MINI Cooper. Please make sure you a technical background on a BMW/MINI Cooper before applying these removal instructions.

We have tried our best to put as many instructions as possible to remove your CAS Module. The removal procedure may vary depending on your specific model. 



Please be advised, if you are having DME related issues and are looking to replace your DME then you do not need to remove the CAS module as long as your original DME is communicating (can read and clear fault codes using a diagnostic tool).  

If you are having CAS Module related issues and the CAS needs to be repaired or replaced then we do require the CAS to be removed and shipped to us in all cases. 



  1. Remove Battery Negative Cable :

  1. Removing and installing/replacing cover for instruments

  1.  Press switch for hazard warning flashers (1) in the direction of the arrow out of the instrument cover (2).

  1. Removing and installing (replacing) left decorative strip on dashboard

  1. Removing and installing (replacing) right decorative strip on instrument panel



  1. Removing and installing/replacing CD changer (If Applicable)

  1. Removing and installing or replacing trim for roof pillar at front (A-pillar), left or right

  1. Removing and installing/replacing knee protection on front passenger side.


  1. Removing and installing/replacing solar sensor

  1. Removing and installing/replacing instrument panel upper section trim

  1. Removing and installing (replacing) control unit for Car Access System (CAS Module)