Removing & installing DME or EWS from your BMW E38 (7 Series Years 1999 to 2006)

First we will start by removing and installing your Engine Computer (DME) from your BMW E38 (Scroll down for EWS Removal)














Removing and Installing a BMW ( EWS ) System From a BMW E38

The EWS System is Located in the Driver Side of your BMW E38 (7 Series).

All you need is a Phillips and a flat screw driver.

1. First remove the push retainer clips for the cover that is right above the gas and brake pedal. Then remove the three Phillips screws.

2. Then remove the two wood trims on each side of the steering wheel. You will need to unplug the electrical connector as well.

3. Remove the cover located right under the steering wheel. It’s held in by 7 Phillips screws. Then use a flat blade screwdriver to very slowly un-clip the leather portion of that cover from the steering wheel. You will have to grab the parking brake cable with your fingers, while holding the parking brake release lever fixed, move to it to the left and unhook it. This will loosen the cover completely so that it can be removed.

4. You will see the EWS module right under the steering column. The module is held by 2 Phillips screws. You need a very short Phillips screw driver to remove it.

Please take a look at the pictures Below, They are to help you remove your EWS unit.

      Years Up-to 1998  /  Years 1998 & Up