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BMW X5 xDrive35d 3.0sd E70 Years 2009 to 2013 SCR / DPF / EGR Delete

$599.00 USD

This is a BMW DDE SCR (Adblue) , DPF (Diesel particulate filter) and EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) removal Programming for X5 xDrive35d E70 with a M57N2 engine equipped with DDE73 Engine Control Unit.

Popular Dash Warnings

  • No Start in XXX miles.
  • No Start in --- miles.
  • Exhaust Fluid Reserve!
  • Exhaust Fluid!
  • Exhaust Fluid Incorrect!
  • Refill Exhaust Fluid!

BMW DDE SCR (Adblue): This Service is useful when your engine gives you a warning that it will stop running in about 200 miles, and when you reach warning level 3, No engine start is possible unless you go to the dealer and spend over $8500 for a complete SCR system. 

  • 41F9 SCR System: System error and poor urea/water mixture quality detected.
  • 474C SCR System, warning and deactivation scenario: Warning Level 1.
  • 4748 SCR System, warning and deactivation scenario: Warning Stage 2.
  • 4746 SCR System, warning and deactivation scenario: Warning Stage 3 (Maximum range reached).
  • 4D08 SCR System, warning and deactivation scenario: Maximum range reached (No engine start possible).

DPF (Diesel particulate filter): This service is useful when you need to replace the Diesel particulate filter, its around $3400, so we recommend to remove it and put a straight pipe exhaust. 

  • Fault 452A appears when the particulate filter has exceeded most of the maximum running distance and serves as information / request for competent filter replacement in the BMW workshop.
  • Fault 4D4A appears if no measures are taken despite the request for filter replacement being issued and the total running distance of the particulate filter has been exceeded.

EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation): Disconnection of the EGR Valve from its connector. 

Parts to be Shipped

Models Supported

  • BMW X5 E70, 3.0sd SUV, Years (2009 to 2010) with M57 Engine.
  • BMW X5 E70, xDrive35d SUV, Years (2010 to 2013) with M57 Engine.

DDE / ECU Supported 

DDE73 (ECU's) with M57 Engines. 
  • 8572479 - 8572131 - 8517705
  • 8512417 - 8512416 - 8513135
  • 8511126 - 8510221 - 8506420
  • 8506419 - 8515366 - 8513280
  • 8510524 - 8506415 - 8506414
  • 8506413 - 8506137 - 7823972
  • 7823580

DD731 (ECU's) with N57 Engines.

  • 8512407 - 8510838 - 8512294
  • 8506570 - 8517015

DME & CAS Removal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Great job they did , X5 runs normal , didnt do mine dpf removal yet , but i drove about 100 miles so far big difference

    Awesome! :)

    1 x BMW X5 E70 E90 335d DDE73 M57N2

    Works great and love it. Really brought alot of fun to my daily driver


    Good job & fast

    first time using this guys, very happy & satisfied with there service.
    i have more cars with similar issues.
    thank you

    Hello Fred,

    We're happy that you're happy! Thank you! :)

    Good servive, good customer care

    We all know the expense of car care, we all know that 'the green ones' are only 'green' until it hits their wallet or comfort. Having a viable alternative to repairs that would cost $4k/5k or more is a good suggestion for customers who get totally blind sided by a major expense. Service was excellent, call-backs and email updates happened as needed. It took a little longer for completion than anticipated but that might just be because of our current health-scare. I will definitely deal with this company again because it was a very positive experience

    Hello Andreas,

    It is a breath of fresh air reading reviews like yours. We are so happy that we can make such an impact in this industry. Seeing you guys comfortable and satisfied with our service makes it so special. Thank you for taking the time out to write this awesome review.


    BMW X5 E70 E90 335d DDE73 M57N2 Engine SCR / DPF / EGR Delete

    110% satisfied should get 6 stars

    These guys are great to work with. They know what needs to be repaired and they get it repaired in a very quick time. Thanks again for another great job well done. Thanks RPM for helping us keep our customers happy!!!

    Hello Kenny,

    It's a breath of fresh air reading about your experience with us! Thank you so much!