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About Rpm Motorsport

Rpm Motorsport is a Software Solutions Company specializing in ECU programming and high performance tuning for European vehicles such as BMWs and MINI Coopers, Mercedes-Benz and Other Models. We are proud to be a small team of dedicated experts in the development of automotive software technology. Customers from all over the world have been sending their parts to RPM Motorsport for over 14 years. We take pride in being known for our cutting-edge software development and technical expertise, as well as our commitment to customer service and support.

We offer software programming services such as Used DME / ECU Programming, Used Mechatronics (transmission control unit) Programming, CAS Module Repairs and Programming, Diesel SCR / DPF / EGR Deletes, and High Performance Tuning for Diesel and Gasoline engines. We also sell Remanufactured ECUs that come with a 1 Year Warranty for a Plug & Play solution. 

Our Xtreme Performance Team has developed tested and proven Performance Tunes for a wide range of vehicles. These Tunes are supported by our Xtreme Performance Tool; an OBDII device used to read and write our tuning files remotely. Considering the different types of drivers out there and their unique driving styles, we have developed three different types of tunes to make sure we provide every customer with the driving experience they are looking for. We also offer Diesel Tuning Services for BMW and Mercedes vehicles. These include delete services to remove any fault codes or warning messages related to the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), AdBlue / DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) systems.

Can’t decide which tune you want for your diesel vehicle? We have now introduced the new Rpm Motorsport Tuning Bundles that include the SCR / DPF / EGR Delete as well as all 3 of our different tunes (Daily Driver Tune, Daily Driver Tune Plus+, and Xtreme Performance Tune) which you can easily swap between at your convenience. We chose to bring all 3 tunes together into one package to give you maximum accessibility to our best tuning files and the freedom to switch between them to find what best suits your personal driving style. 


Rpm Motorsport believes in being there for our customers. We understand they will need support, whether that is technical questions, sales, or support with existing orders. We offer various ways of assisting our customers which include Email Support, Call Back Requests and our Support Ticket platform where customers can explain their situation and get support for existing orders. Last but not least, we are constantly updating our Technical Help Center with useful information and troubleshooting guides to ensure our customers are not left hanging when we are out of office.
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