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Audi VW Used ECU Replacement Programming MED9.1 / MED9.5.10


This is a VW Audi ECU programming for ECU's equipped with IMMO 4 (4th Generation) The ECU family has to be MED 9.1 or MED 9.5.10 (always written on the ECU sticker)


This is useful when your ECU failed and you bought a used ecu and your Dealership told you it cannot be programmed. This will save you over 65% if you buy a used one from a reputable place and order the service from us. Please note you will have to send your USED ECU and Original ECU but you will only get one back.


Models Supported :

All VW's and Audi's that their ECU have MED9.1 or MED9.5.10 on them (IMMO 4) (4th Generation of Immobilzer 3)


Where do I send My parts to?

After placing your Order, you will recieve an Email with a FedEx Return Label.