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BMW E-Series A102 32EB EWS Protection Against Tampering

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Product Information

This is a Repair Service for ALL BMW E-Series Years 2009 to with a N20 and N55 engines equipped with DME MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1726 and MEVD1729 and have the following BMW Fault code:

Popular Fault Codes

32E2 -- EWS immobilizer protection against tampering: Response implausible

32E4 -- EWS-DME interface frame error

32AB -- EWS-DME message incorrect frame error

32EB -- Electronic immobilizer protection against tampering: engine running blocked by electronic immobilizer

A102 -- Immobilizer anti tampering protection

Models Supported

  •  BMW 1 Series E87 (Coupe) 135i Years 02/2010 To 10/2013 
  •  BMW 3 Series E90 (Sedan) LCI (Facelift) 335i or 335is Years 02/2010 To 10/2011 
  •  BMW 3 Series E92 (Coupe) LCI (Facelift) 335i or 335is Years 07/2009 To 06/2013 
  •  BMW 3 Series E93 (Convertible) LCI (Facelift) 335i or 335is Years 02/2010 To 10/2013 
  •  BMW X1 Series E84 35iX Years 04/2009 to 04/2015
  •  BMW X1 E84, X1 28i, SUV, N20 Engine Years (11/2009 — 06/2015)
  •  BMW X1 E84, X1 28iX, SUV, N20 Engine Years (11/2009 — 06/2015)
  •  BMW X5 Series E70 Years 02/2010 To 10/2013 
  •  BMW (X6 Series) E71 Years 07/2009 to 06/2014
  •  BMW Z4 E89, Z4 28i, Roadster, N20 Engine Years (01/2011 — 08/2016)

DME / ECU Supported 

MEVD172 / MEVD1726 / MEVD1729   DME'S (ECU) with N55 / N20 / N26 Engines. 

DME Supported Part Number (Bosch MEVD172) 

  • 7610272
  •  7619981
  •  7626776
  •  7629609
  •  7629130
  •  7628419
  •  7645283
  •  8618483 

DME Supported Part Number (Bosch MEVD1726)

  •  7639422
  •  7645694
  •  8606310
  •  8610679
  •  8615879
  •  8617572

DME Supported Part Number (Bosch MEVD1724)

  •  7629048
  •  7629005
  •  7639374
  •  7610357
  •  7645764

DME Supported Part Number (Bosch MEVD1729)

  •  8617570
  •  8614957
  •  8626899
  •  8631728
  •  8661467
  •  8610677
  •  8603575
  •  8601367
  •  7645795

DME & CAS Removal

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Graham L. (Patterson, US)

I was very satisfied with the operation that you performed for my DME and cast it worked perfectly and I think you very much and I’m sure I will be using you in the future graham

Thanks for the review Graham!

Steve B. (Dallas, US)
Quick turnaround

They were honest with the diagnosis and return.
Would use them again at a drop of a hat.

Happy to hear that Steve! Looking forward to working with you again soon!

JimZ4 (Lincoln, US)
Reprogrammed the CAS and DME for my Z4

I own a 2009 BMW Z4. The battery had gone dead and that caused all sorts of problems. I replaced the battery but then the car would turn over but not start. I took the car to two local repairs shops that work on BMWs and they were not able to get it running. All they were able to determine was my car was in lock out due to the anti-theft being triggered. Their "solution" for the problem was to replace the CAS and probably the DME also. VERY expensive and the parts were back ordered. It would be at least 2 or 3 months before the parts were available, if then. I did some research and found a number of sites that claimed to be able to reprogram the CAS and DME to resolve the problem and RPM Motorsports stood out due to their references. I called them and ended up working with Lee. He was fantastic. I explained the problem and he diagnosed the problems and the fix which involved reprogramming the CAS and DME so they were properly sync'd. Lee explained they would send me an overnight shipping label that I would use to send the CAS, DME, and key fob to them. I received an email with the UPS label attachment and printed it out and took the package to UPS. 3 days later I received the reprogrammed CAS and DME and key fob. Installed them and the car started immediately and there were no other problems. Everything worked as it should. Lee in particular and RPM in general were great to work with and I would highly recommend contacting them if you have problems with your BMW. The service was great and they know what they are doing and the price was extremely reasonable.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for the kind words Jim!