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BMW E39 (5 Series) ME7.2 Remanufactured ECU 10/1998 to 07/2003

$599.00 USD

This is a Re-Manufactured ME7.2 DME (ECU) For a BMW E39 (5 Series) with a M62TU Engine. 

We can send this ECU with the following Options:

  • Un-programmed or Coded (Factory Default).
  • Programmed and Coded (DME - EWS Alignment Required).
  • Programmed, Coded and Aligned to your EWS and Keys. (Shipping Required).
  • Completely Unlocked (Plug and Play).

    All Choices can be made by clicking on " Please Choose Your Options " button found below.

      Model Support

      • BMW 5 Series E39 540i 10/1998 To 07/2003 DME ME 7.2 Bosch

      DME / ECU Support list

      BMW Part number:

      • 1430943 - 1438728 - 7501290 - 7501662
      • 7501679 - 7501680 - 7504862 - 7504902
      • 7506366 - 7506367 - 7506368 - 7506369
      • 7508698 - 7510281 - 7512912 - 7512913
      • 7522222 - 7522223 - 7522700 - 7522702
      • 7522777 - 7522727 - 7522800 - 7522802
      • 7522888 - 7522880 - 7532675 - 7533707
      • 7532676 - 7533708 - 7533032 - 7537699
      • 7533033 - 7537700

      Bosch Part number:

      0261204620 - 0261207106

      DME & EWS Location

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews

      WORKED GREAT!!!!!

      Replaced DME

      I absolutely recommend RPM to anyone who is looking to replace their old DME, and if you're not sure just email or call they will be more than happy to help you out.

      Thanks for your honest feedback Alex.

      2001 740il

      I have a 2001 740il and my car decided not to start. Water had gotten into the DME and it was bad. So I needed new DME and it would have to be aligned with the EWS and key. The cost would be $1600 plus labor. I have to admit that I was really nervous about ordering something like this from an online shop and I was worried about the company because .....well it's the internet. Well, I decided to give RPM a shot and after speaking to Chris I felt better about the decision. The cost was going to be $975 for everything with a 1 year warranty. So I sent everything to them. Well, these guys really mean business. I mean they work fast and I got my DME, EWS, and keys back within a couple of days and gave everything to my mechanic. Well guess what...... IT WORKED! Let me repeat that! It actually Worked. I was so happy when my mechanic told me the car started up and was running fine. So I just wanted to let anyone know that if you are having this problem that RPM Motorsport is the way to go!

      Thanks to ALL at RPM

      Thanks to ALL at RPM . after the all the run around i got locally in Trinidad to diagnose the problem with our 2001 735i ( i still never got a straight answer that the DME was bad ) . i ordered the DME and after a mix up with that RPM called and corrected the order and after receiving the right parts yesterday . i plugged everything in and modded my old key to work and after MANY months of this car sitting , first turn of the key the car started right up with no issues .

      Razad Ali

      Car is running again!

      Car is running thanks again for all your help and professionalism. Passed the word to all my BMW gear heads about you guys, much much appreciated.

      2001 BMW 740IL Sport

      I would like to take a moment to say thank you to both Chris and Zack, you guys are true professionals and have helped me out the most at a time where I felt lost and confused. After two dealers and three independent shops left me hanging, you guys were the only ones to come through for me.
      Here's my story, I was told by the last shop that I needed a new DME ( which was not the problem) and my only option was the dealer for $1600.00, I was totally distressed since I had just bought my E38 the month prior. After my constant struggle with a P0452 Evap code and much time and money,I turned to RPM Motorsport for direction. I had explored the web and with great success found these guys. Not only was the DME substantially cheaper, but I also had them make me a new remote key as well. The lights are off and my stress level has since been lightened.It's not often that people go out of their way to help someone in such great detail. Thanks again guys.


      2001 BMW 740il Computer replacement

      Chris was fantastic. The ecu replacement went exactly as he said it would. He took the time to speak to the specialty shop to avoid any problems and fully answered any questions I had.

      Robert Faulkner

      just a customer

      for whatever reason the car hesitate to start at time seem to be ok with the key in position 2 and wait for 60 second before start,,, just have to live with it ,, don't know ,, other than that car run fine.