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BMW E39 E38 X5 Remanufactured Ready to Go LCM's (Light Module)


 Please Note : We Only guarantee the VIN number and Mileage to be accurate, however if you have coding difficulties/issues you must visit a BMW specialists to have them Code your LCM. If you aren't close to a BMW Shop then please choose the Coding Option from Our Options Menu.

This is a Re-manufactured BMW LCM (Light Check Module), This Unit comes programmed with your VIN number and the Correct Self Mileage Adjustment. These Modules fail most of the time in your BMW, They Contain important information such as your Complete VIN Number (Serial number of your Car) and your Mileage.


If you buy a USED one you will face a problem of programming the USED LCM, This is because they are meant to only be programmed once, They will contain a different VIN number and contain different Mileage, They would also contain a Different Coding information. Such as Day running lights ( Canadian Buyers ) or Xenon lights etc. A tamper dot point will also be on your Instrument Cluster resulting an error.

If you go the your Local BMW dealer they still cannot program it for you, Because you must buy a brand new one for Over 700$, And they would require a 1 to 2 hours labor to program that New LCM.

This is what are going to do, We will transfer the Correct VIN Number and the Correct Mileage into your Programmed LCM.

So once you plug in the LCM that we programmed it will take whatever mileage that is stored in the Instrument Cluster or EWS and the Tamper Dot will be REMOVED because the right VIN number now matches and the right Odometer now matches.


Part Numbers supported : 4108590 - 9133022 - 8383229 - 6901432 - 6919841 - 6919845 - 6907950 - 6907951 - 6907952 .