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BMW E85 (Z4 Series) MS45.0 Remanufactured ECU 03/2003 To 05/2005

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  • 1 to 2 Business days turnaround time upon arrival
  • Overnight shipping both ways using our UPS shipping label

Product Information

This is a Re-Manufactured MS45.0 DME (ECU) For a BMW E85 (X4 Series) With a M56 Engine.

We can send this ECU with the following Options:

  • Un-programmed or Coded. (Factory Default)
  • Programmed and Coded (DME-EWS Alignment Required)
  • Programmed, Coded and Aligned to your EWS and Keys. (Shipping Required)
  • Completely Unlocked and Plug and Play.

All Choices can be made by clicking on " Add to Cart " button found above.

    Model Support

    • BMW Z4 Series E85 2.5L From 03/2003 To 05/2005 DME MS45.0 Siemens
    • BMW Z4 Series E85 3.0L From 02/2003 To 05/2005 DME MS45.0 Siemens

    DME / ECU Support list

    • 7541343, 7513279, 7513280, 7522770
    • 7522771, 7526000, 7526001, 7527000
    • 7527001, 7527072, 7526790, 7527730
    • 7527731, 7530260, 7532902, 7531440
    • 7531441, 7532140, 7532141, 7533651
    • 7533653, 7541335, 7541343, 7543157
    • 7543223, 7548769, 7548771, 7549387
    • 7549390, 7549792, 7549794, 7561380
    • 7549794.

    DME & EWS Location

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Village A.S. (Ancaster, CA)

    Opted for the plug and play option for a remanufactured DME and things couldnt have gone better. I was worried that without my existing DME and/or key, they wouldnt be able to solve the issue I was having, but RPM was able to send me a working DME that I had back in the car again in 10 minutes. Saved me from having a very expensive paperweight of a car, or spending $2500++ to buy a new DME. Thanks RPM!

    Glad we were able to help you out with this one!

    Nichole W. (Austin, US)
    Saved the customer

    Was able to help a customer with a cheaper option. Installed it with no issues and the customer is happy.

    Hello Nichole,

    Thank you for taking the time out to write your feedback!

    Randy G.7. (Phoenix, US)
    Saved me a ton

    Dealer wanted almost 3k to replace. 15 mins to remove and install the part. Overnight shipping. 4 days later it was fixed for 1/6 the cost. Actually only needed the reprogram so they refunded the difference. Awesome. Also they always answered the phone and wrere helpful. Excellent people!

    Hello Randy,

    It's a breath of fresh air reading reviews like this one! We appreciate the time you took out to write it. You're awesome! :)