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BMW E90 335d Years 2008 to 2011 Rpm Motorsport Tuning Bundle

BMW E90 335d Years 2008 to 2011 Rpm Motorsport Tuning Bundle

Save $400.00 USD Save $400.00 USD
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$1,600.00 USD
  • Dyno & Track tested performance tunes
  • We will overnight your new Xtreme Performance Tool for you

Product Information

This Tuning Bundle comes with 3 different tunes that you can choose and easily swap between at your convenience. Now you can drive just the way you want based on your driving style! We chose to bring all 3 tunes together into one package to give you maximum accessibility to our best tuning files and the freedom to switch between them. 

Please see below for an introduction to all 3 tunes included:

  • DPF & EGR Deleted 
  • SCR / DEF/ AdBlue Deleted
  • Swirl Flaps Deleted
  • Torque Limitation Enhanced
  • Best Tune for Troubleshooting

The Daily Driver Tune is a great baseline to start off with to ensure your vehicle is running correctly with the new modifications you have just done. This tune has everything deleted but no performance added, which makes it great for troubleshooting and to compare with the other tunes.

  • Includes everything in the Daily Driver Tune
  • Speed Limit Deleted 
  • Torque Limitation further Improved
  • Turbo Boost Increased
  • Best Tune for Fuel Economy 

The Daily Driver Tune Plus+ is where performance meets reliability and efficiency. We have created this tune to improve fuel economy while also giving you a very significant increase in power. This tune will transform your car into a high performance machine for your daily commute!

  • Includes everything in the Daily Driver Tune Plus+
  • Torque Limitation Removed
  • Injector Pressure Increased 
  • Advanced Turbo Boost Increased 
  • Best Tune for Performance 

The Xtreme Performance Tune is ideal for people who are seeking to get the maximum power out of their vehicles. This tune is designed to provide you with the optimal power increase while still maintaining maximum reliability.

Tuning Specs

  • Daily Driver Tune Plus power increase of +40HP & Torque increase of +80NM (59ft-lbs).
  • Xtreme Performance Tune power increase of +62HP & Torque increase of +118NM (87ft-lbs).

Remote Tuning 

  • Our Xtreme Interface device will be shipped to you overnight
  • A Laptop PC with Windows and internet connection are required when writing the tuning files. The Xtreme Interface connects from the USB port in your laptop to the OBDII port of the vehicle when reading or writing.

Models Supported

  • BMW 3 Series E90 LCI, 335d, Sedan, Years (08/2008 — 10/2011) with M57N2 Engine

DDE / ECU Supported

All EDC17CP09 Family Part Numbers are Supported

DDE73 (ECU's)with M57N2 Engines.


  • 8572479 - 8572131 - 8517705
  • 8512417 - 8512416 - 8513135
  • 8511126 - 8510221 - 8506420
  • 8506419 - 8515366 - 8513280
  • 8510524 - 8506415 - 8506414
  • 8506413 - 8506137 - 7823972
  • 7823580

Popular Fault Codes:

  • Exhaust Fluid Reserve!
  • Exhaust Fluid!
  • Exhaust Fluid Incorrect!
  • Refill Exhaust Fluid!

BMW DDE SCR (Adblue): This Service is useful when your engine gives you a warning that it will stop running in about 200 miles, and when you reach warning level 3, No engine start is possible unless you go to the dealer and spend over $8500 for a complete SCR system. 

  • 2C4E SCR System: Poor AdBlue quality detected or system fault.
  • 26FD SCR System metering adaptation: Too high.
  • 29FB SCR System, warning and shutdown scenario: Warning Level 1.
  • 29FC SCR System, warning and shutdown scenario: Warning Level stage 2.
  • 29FD SCR System, warning and shutdown scenario: Warning Level stage 3, maximum range reached, engine start hindrance.
  • 2720 SCR System, warning and deactivation scenario: Maximum range reached (No engine start possible).

DPF (Diesel particulate filter): This service is useful when you need to replace the Diesel particulate filter, its around $3400, so we recommend to remove it and simply hollow it out or source a straight pipe to install in its place. 

  • Fault 452A appears when the particulate filter has exceeded most of the maximum running distance and serves as information / request for competent filter replacement in the BMW workshop.
  • Fault 4D4A appears if no measures are taken despite the request for filter replacement being issued and the total running distance of the particulate filter has been exceeded.

EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation): Disconnection of the EGR Valve from its connector. 

Disclaimer: Within the USA & Canada, this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public highway.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Great service

    Great service. I have my car up and running in no time. Package was delivered to me next day and with lee help I was able to fix the car in about 20 minutes...

    Glad we could help get your BMW back on the road!

    Frank B. (Charleston, US)
    Technical support

    I was having trouble with downloading software and was planning on calling tech support as a last resort. They called me to see if I was having trouble and spent 2.5 hours helping me ! to send the file to them. Now that’s a company with values! They are fantastic!

    Thanks for the awesome review Frank! Happy to be of service :)

    Drew R. (Houston, US)
    Love it - 335D max performance tune

    It’s what I had hoped for. Great customer service as well!!

    Glad to hear that Drew! Thanks for the review!