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BMW Remanufactured EWS3 with 1 Remote Key 03/1998 to 09/2006

$425.00 USD

This is a EWS 3.3 Kit that comes with an extra remote key or two extra non remote keys. ALL BMW Models supported from Years 03/1998 to 09/2006.

The keys will be laser cut in our facility upon your Original Key arrival. You may add an Extra Remote Key if you want to receive 2 Remote Keys as a Total.

Popular Fault Symptoms

Here Are some reasons why you would need an EWS 3.3 KIT : 

  • You Upgraded your defective EWS3.3 to a EWS4.3 and get a Rolling Code Error, After you start your car and wait about two weeks your engine will not fire up unless you perform an EWS-DME Alignment using a BMW diagnostic tool.
  • Your Battery drained, You came to recharge it and now your Car does not Crank at all.
  • You jump started your car, and later on it wont crank at all.
  • Your Car does not Crank.
  • You tried to Order Keys from the Dealer and they told you that you used All your 10 Keys.
  • Found a used DME (Engine control unit) but do not have Kit for it.
  • Your EWS was Damaged.
  • All your Keys were lost.
  • Upgraded your Engine but want to keep your Old EWS Kit.

EWS Modules Supported

All EWS3.3 and 4.3 units are supported.

  • 61359145097 (EWS4.3)
  • 61356905666 (EWS3.3)
  • 61356905667 (EWS3.3)
  • 61356905668 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358374957 (EWS3.3)
  • 61354100187 (EWS3.3)
  • 61356905670 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358387447 (EWS3.3)
  • 61354100191 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358382455 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358380139 (EWS3.3)
  • 61354146384 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358371940 (EWS3.3)

    Models Supported

    • ALL BMW 3 Series E46 Years (04/1997 -- 08/2006
    • ALL BMW 5 Series E39 Years (03/1998 -- 12/2003)
    • ALL BMW 7 Series E38 Years (03/1998 -- 07/2001)
    • ALL BMW X3 Series E83 Years (01/2003 -- 07/2006)
    • ALL BMW X3 Series E83 LCI Years (03/2006 -- 08/2010)
    • ALL BMW X5  SeriesE53 Years (10/1998 -- 09/2006)
    • ALL BMW Z4 Series E85 Years (01/2002 -- 08/2008)
    • ALL BMW Z4 Series E86 Years (10/2005 -- 08/2008)
    • ALL BMW Z8 Series E52 Years  (12/1998 -- 07/2003)


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      Customer Reviews

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      Good service

      Very happy with customer support

      Thank you George. We're always here for you! :)

      Awesome product and customer service!

      RPM went above and beyond to help me solve the issue I had with my BMW X5! Highly recommend and will be using them in the future for any other services that I need help with!

      We're looking forward to that Michael! Thanks you!

      2004 BMW Z4 immobilizer

      We Are a Repair shop in Tennessee we had a problem with the customers vehicle not starting after installing a Interlock device and then found the immobilizer defective. RPM Motorsport help us solve this concern very fast .they cut and programed a new key and reprogramed our old key to another Immobilizer .plug and play and the car drove away very happy they save us thanks again

      It's always a breath of fresh air hearing stories like this. Thank you Marty for trusting us with your work. Much appreciated :)