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Enjoy 10% off ALL USED Programming Services until End of February!
Enjoy 10% off ALL USED Programming Services until End of February!

BMW Re-Manufactured EWS3 with 1 Remote Key 03/1998 to 09/2006

$425.00 USD

This is a EWS 3.3 Kit that comes with an extra remote key or two extra non remote keys. ALL BMW Models supported from Years 03/1998 to 09/2006.

The keys will be laser cut in our facility upon your Original Key arrival. You may add an Extra Remote Key if you want to receive 2 Remote Keys as a Total.

Popular Fault Symptoms

Here Are some reasons why you would need an EWS 3.3 KIT : 

  • You Upgraded your defective EWS3.3 to a EWS4.3 and get a Rolling Code Error, After you start your car and wait about two weeks your engine will not fire up unless you perform an EWS-DME Alignment using a BMW diagnostic tool.
  • Your Battery drained, You came to recharge it and now your Car does not Crank at all.
  • You jump started your car, and later on it wont crank at all.
  • Your Car does not Crank.
  • You tried to Order Keys from the Dealer and they told you that you used All your 10 Keys.
  • Found a used DME (Engine control unit) but do not have Kit for it.
  • Your EWS was Damaged.
  • All your Keys were lost.
  • Upgraded your Engine but want to keep your Old EWS Kit.


EWS Modules Supported

All EWS3.3 and 4.3 units are supported.

  • 61359145097 (EWS4.3)
  • 61356905666 (EWS3.3)
  • 61356905667 (EWS3.3)
  • 61356905668 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358374957 (EWS3.3)
  • 61354100187 (EWS3.3)
  • 61356905670 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358387447 (EWS3.3)
  • 61354100191 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358382455 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358380139 (EWS3.3)
  • 61354146384 (EWS3.3)
  • 61358371940 (EWS3.3)

    Models Supported

    • ALL BMW 3 Series E46 Years (04/1997 -- 08/2006
    • ALL BMW 5 Series E39 Years (03/1998 -- 12/2003)
    • ALL BMW 7 Series E38 Years (03/1998 -- 07/2001)
    • ALL BMW X3 Series E83 Years (01/2003 -- 07/2006)
    • ALL BMW X3 Series E83 LCI Years (03/2006 -- 08/2010)
    • ALL BMW X5  SeriesE53 Years (10/1998 -- 09/2006)
    • ALL BMW Z4 Series E85 Years (01/2002 -- 08/2008)
    • ALL BMW Z4 Series E86 Years (10/2005 -- 08/2008)
    • ALL BMW Z8 Series E52 Years  (12/1998 -- 07/2003)


      DME & EWS Locations

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Good service

      Very happy with customer support

      Awesome product and customer service!

      RPM went above and beyond to help me solve the issue I had with my BMW X5! Highly recommend and will be using them in the future for any other services that I need help with!

      We're looking forward to that Michael! Thanks you!

      2004 BMW Z4 immobilizer

      We Are a Repair shop in Tennessee we had a problem with the customers vehicle not starting after installing a Interlock device and then found the immobilizer defective. RPM Motorsport help us solve this concern very fast .they cut and programed a new key and reprogramed our old key to another Immobilizer .plug and play and the car drove away very happy they save us thanks again

      It's always a breath of fresh air hearing stories like this. Thank you Marty for trusting us with your work. Much appreciated :)

      Fast and great...

      ... customer service.


      Great people great work

      Sent them my non functioning aws along with my computer and they repaired it and Made me an extra key. My car is as good as new again 👍

      Great to hear Ron! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon! :)

      BMW problems

      They where very helpful.

      Great Service

      Sent my EWS, DME and key from 2001 BMW 530i and they resolved the issues, works great and truly plug and play! Thanks again for all the help.

      Hello Brian,

      We are so happy that we got your baby back on the road! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

      The best service I could have asked for.

      I did my best to do everything I could to solve my issue with my no crank issue. I narrowed it down to my key or ews module. I followed their very helpful step-by-step guide to determine my issue. I purchased this package and sent what needed to be sent and within a matter of a couple of days I had my parts back. I plugged everything in and boom it fired right up. I talked to their customer service to help me with determining my issue and they were more than helpful and even gave me a follow up call to make sure everything went smoothly. 10 out 10 would recommend. They are knowledgeable and I will be coming back.

      Great experience

      They turned around my order very quickly. Tech support was great when I needed assistance.

      A great place to do business with

      The staff here is great and very helpful. These guys are steady helping us along the way to get our mini running again. The service is unbelieveable