Mini Cooper R50 / R52 / R53 (S) EWS 3.3 Kit 05/2001 to 11/2006


Please Note : This is a Mini Cooper EWS Version 3.3, EWS's on Mini Cooper's were introduced on 05/2001 to 11/2006

Models Supported : Mini Cooper R50 / R52 / R53 (S) 05/2001 to 11/2006

The EWS Kit requires a EWS / DME Alignment. Unfortunately EWS 3.3's are different then EWS 2 and EWS 3. EWS 3.3 can only be aligned in our Faculty due to its complicated encryption, Therefor the Option " EWS / DME Alignment " is Mandatory. (Included in Price)


The EWS 3.3 Kit comes with 1 EWS Version 3.3 and 2 Non Remote Keys which will be Laser cut in our faculty upon your Original Key arrival.

Here Are some reasons why you would need an EWS 3.3 KIT. 

(Exclusive Reason Is when you Upgrade your Defective EWS3 to EWS4.3 and get a Rolling Code Error, You make an Alignment and then the car sits overnight and then it doesn't start again till you Re-Align the DME.)

1. Your Battery drained, You came to recharge it and now your Car does not Crank at all.

2. You jump started your car, and later on it wont crank at all.

3. Your Car does not Crank.

4. You tried to Order Keys from the Dealer and they told you that you used All your 10 Keys.

5. Found a used DME (Engine control unit) but do not have Kit for it.

6. Your EWS was Damaged.

7. All your Keys were lost.

8. Upgraded your Engine but want to keep your Old EWS Kit.

9. You were told by the Dealer that You needed a New EWS, when it arrived and they coded/programmed it, You then had the issue of the rolling code, basically your car dies after two weeks and you have to make an EWS-DME Alignment every time and pay up to $90 per alignment. (This is Called EWS 4.3 Issue)

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For parts that are being sent to RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. for extra programming or coding steps (DME ,EWS or CAS units):

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