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MINI COOPER (R50- R52 - R53) Years 2001 To 2008 RE-MAN ECU

$599.00 USD

This is a MINI COOPER RE-Manufactured ECU for Series R50 (with W10 Engine) or R52 (Convertible with W10 or W11 Engine) or R53 (Coupe with W11 Supercharged Engine) with a W11 Engine Years 09/2000 to 07/2008 . 

We can send this ECU with the following Options:

  • Un-programmed or Coded (Factory Default).
  • Programmed and Coded (DME - EWS Alignment Required).
  • Programmed, Coded and Aligned to your EWS and Keys. (Shipping Required).
  • Completely Unlocked (Plug and Play).

    All Choices can be made by clicking on " Please Choose Your Options " button found below.

    Models Supported

    MINI R50   (09/2000 — 11/2006)

    • MINI R50, Cooper, 3 doors, W10 Engine

    MINI R53   (09/2000 — 11/2006)

    • MINI R53, Cooper S , 3 doors, W11
    • MINI R53, Cooper S JCW GP, 3 doors, W11

    MINI Cabrio R52   (11/2002 — 07/2008)

    • MINI Cabrio R52, Cooper, Convertible, W10 Engine
    • MINI Cabrio R52, Cooper S, Convertible, W11 Engine

    DME / ECU Support list

    ALL EMS2K (EMS2000) & MS5150 MINI COOPER DME'S are supported (Normal Models and S Models) Also known as W10 Engines and W11 Engines.

    • 7512001  -  7520020  -  7512798  -  7513980
    • 7512799  -  7513980  -  7513981  -  7513982
    • 7513983  -  7513984  -  7514587  -  7520019
    • 7520020  -  7527610  -  7530084  -  7539808
    • 7530084  -  7542310  -  7552690  -  7557395
    • 7553735  -  7566240

    EWS Location

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Quick response

    On receipt of the ECU with immobilizer deleted, my 2003 Mini Cooper S started immediately

    We're so stoked that your baby is back on the road! :)


    MINI COOPER (R50- R52 - R53) Years 2001 To 2008 RE-MAN ECU

    No other place to go!!

    We have sent a few modules to these guys - THEY ARE GREAT!! Our customers save money and the turn-around time is quick! And, they're patient with all my questions! Great customer service from a great company!

    Hello John,

    It's music to our ears that your customers are happy! Thank you for your awesome words!

    Mini DME

    The DME worked great. The customer support is top notch and if there is an issue they are on top of it and let you know. Will do busy with them again.

    Great service and fast shipping

    The first time I’ve ever used or RPM, We inherited a problem with an older five series BMW that had a control unit it was sent out and programmed by another repair company. They quickly discovered that the numbers that were stored inside the control unit did not belong to this car and head actually programmed it for the incorrect model it was affecting drivability. We were so impressed with them that we continue to do business with them today.

    Thanks Chad,

    This means a lot here at RPM!



    Unfortunately still having timing problems but I appreciate all your help and support. great job. I will recommend this site to any minimamiack. m

    Hello Mike,

    Please open a support ticket at

    We would love to help you out even if it wasn't a DME/ECU related issue, we still can find out why you have timing issues.





    just as advertised

    sent my ews and key. bought a ecm from them. returned quickly and car cranked and ran great.

    Highly recommend their service!

    I have purchased a lot of car parts and products, but NEVER have I had the response and experience with RPM Motorsport. While the situation was not ideal, dead ECU in my Mini, they made it worth the effort and much better than what my local dealer wanted in both $$ and towing the car to the dealer at additional costs.

    Bottom line, if your BMW or Mini's ECU is dead, RPM will do exactly as they promise!

    Tuesday: Pulled ECU, went online, ordered the parts at RPM. Received confimation email. Within an hour, after the 2pm Pacific cut off, I received an email with my shipping information and promptly emailed my security controller and key.
    Wednesday: received email that parts were received.
    Thursday: email that parts were shipped.
    Friday: Parts came in with two extra keys! Within 10 minutes, cars back on the road running like scalded dog!

    Bottom line, they were awesome and I feel went above and beyond all with shipment to Canada to boot!

    Highly recommend their service!

    AWESOME customer service!!!

    HOLY CRAP! RPM Motorsports has the best customer service HANDS DOWN! They do exactly what they say and I can NOT say enough about what a great experience.

    Tuesday: pulled EWS and ECU from my 06 Mini Cooper. Went online at RPM Motorsports store, ordered new kit with key configuration and within a few minutes, received the Fedex labels via email. Boxed up EWS and Key (with some trepidation as it was my only key) and dropped it off at Fedex.

    Wednesday: Received an email that the package was at RPM Motorsports.

    Thursday: Received email that my order was on it's way and it'd be delivered Friday by 10:30am.

    Friday: 10 am, Fedex rang the bell. 10:30, new EWS/ECU installed, car fired up after 6 weeks of sitting in garage and is now back on the road.

    AWESOME customer service!!! Bar none!