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Mini Cooper R50/R53 Used ECU Programming 09/2000 to 11/2006

$399.00 USD

This is a MINI COOPER R50 / R52 / R53 Used DME/ECU Programming. This service is useful if you purchased a USED ECU that belongs to another vehicle and cannot be programmed due to it being locked.

We will program your USED ECU with the correct VIN Number, Mileage, Coding and finally the Programming.

    Models Supported

    • MINI COOPER (R52) - (R53) W11 Engine From 09/2000 To 11/2006 DME Siemens
    • MINI COOPER (R50) - (R52) W10 Engine From 09/2001 To 11/2006 DME Siemens
    • MINI COOPER (R50) - (R52) W10 Engine From 07/2004 To 11/2006 DME Siemens


    ALL EMS2K (EMS2000) & MS5150 MINI COOPER DME'S are supported (Normal Models and S Models) Also known as W10 Engines and W11 Engines.

    Mini Cooper Supported ECU's :

    • 7512001  -  7520020  -  7512798  -  7513980 
    • 7512799  -  7513980  -  7513981  -  7513982
    • 7513983  -  7513984  -  7514587  -  7520019  
    • 7520020  -  7527610  -  7530084  -  7539808  
    • 7530084  -  7542310  -  7552690  -  7557395   

    DME & EWS Locations

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    I'm satisfied with your service, thanks

    We're happy that you're happy Jim :)


    Had a used DME programmed and haven’t had single issue. They communicated that they had concerns with condition of ecu that I sent them and suggested a sonic cleaning before programming due to risk of premature failure. Had it back within a day, so couldn’t ask for more. When I’m ready for a tune I will sure be using these guys/gals because there is no other reasonable, reliable or quicker service of this type out there.

    Thank you Travis! We are looking forward to tuning your baby for some more extra ponies :)


    Started and ran...throttle didn’t work, called an was given instructions not available in any of our MINI/BMW information and it worked like a charm

    Awesome! :)

    Great Results!

    I used RPM Motorsports to upgrade / tune my 2005 MCSC (w/15% pulley, milltek exhaust, modified cold air intake, MSD coil pack and magnecore wires) with great success – end results were a 10 to 15% increase in gas mileage along with a noticeable increase in horsepower! My original ECU was generating many false positive error codes resulting in many reoccurring CEL lightings and would not accept any more reboots. Zach and the team were very helpful and responsive in helping me deal with the steps involved in the ECM programming. In addition they provided additional tuning recommendations, including NGK BKR 7 EQUP plugs and 380cc injectors. Concerning the injectors, I had some bad luck with the OEM versions and wound up converting to Bosch injectors which required adapting the OEM connectors from EV1 to EV6. If you go this route be certain to get the pigtail versions vs. the straight clips – the clearance to the intercooler is too tight with the latter. Allow for extra time on the ECM turnaround.

    Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us and the MINI community. We're stoked that we we met your expectations! Looking forward to hearing from you again!

    2004 mini computer used ecu flashed to work in my car

    The people helping me were extremely polite and very knowledgeable. And everything worked great just plug and play. New ecu from dealer was $1700 so they saved me a bunch.

    Yes! they can program a used ECU

    I had originally contacted some guys on the east coast (florida i think)
    and was told that there is NO WAY to program a used ECU. It would have to
    be new or the same unit that was in the car before. That didnt make much
    sense because the one that was in the car broke...thats why i needed a
    different one. And since i had already purchased a used one, this guys
    answer didnt work for me.
    So i looked a little deeper...and found RPM Motorsports! These guys said
    that it would be no problem! And while east coast bragged about a 3 day
    turn around time, RPM got it done overnight and had it back to me the next
    In other words, while east coast was talking out their asses, RPM was
    getting it done!
    They followed up with support if i needed it, but i didnt. The
    re-programmed ECU works great!!!
    It was a little bit more cost wise, but whats it worth to have it done
    right the first time?

    "If you dont have enough time to do it right the first time, where are you
    gonna find time to do it again?"

    RPM Motorsports is a great group. They know their shit! Any questions?

    What a great story you shared here Marc. Love the honesty in your review, i must admit you got our attention :)

    Thanks again!


    Reprogramming of ECU

    Great people. Great Service. Quick turnaround.
    Put over 600 miles on my Cooper S JCW in last week and it runs awesome.
    Thanks for a job well done.

    MINI Cooper R50 Computer Flash

    RPM programmed a used computer for my MINI and all works well! The best part of their service is their speed. The overnight shipping both ways is lightning fast and they only had the computer in their shop long enough to program it! Thanks!

    Hello Chris,

    We really appreciate you pointing out our turn around time, I must admit since 2009 we have always tried our best to prefect the turn around time, to hear it from you just put a big smile in our Shipping Department.

    Thank You!

    Brian - Shipping Manager.

    Used Ecu

    Ended up fixing my dash lights