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We've Lowered Our Prices!

Great news from our Sales Department here at Rpm Motorsport! To show our appreciation for over a decade of loyalty, WE'VE LOWERED OUR PRICES! 

We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible product and the highest level of service while still offering affordable solutions. With this in consideration, we have made significant reductions to the pricing of many of our services throughout our entire store in 2023 to help as many vehicle owners and independent shops in the European Automotive community as possible.

With rising inflation and interest rates we understand that this is a difficult time for many individuals and small businesses around the world. Instead of becoming part of the problem and raising our prices to keep up with inflation, we decided to do the opposite! We take pride in offering our services at a fair price and we plan to continue to do so regardless of what the market is doing.

Customers from all around the world continue sending their parts to Rpm Motorsport and trust us to get the job done and get it done at a price point that makes sense. We are now celebrating 14 years in business and without our loyal customers we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We also just received our 10 year BBB Milestone Anniversary Certificate! Take a look!


From the team here at Rpm Motorsport we thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the next chapter!

Stay tuned for our Tuning Price adjustments coming soon!

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